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mmWave Radar Sensor

Date:2018-5-9 21:46:14 Hits:1415

Millimeter wave radar sensors use the Doppler shift of the reflected signal to detect the velocity of a moving target. They are widely used in speed measurement, regional security, smart lighting and so on. Compared with infrared sensors, millimeter wave sensors are more weather insensitive (not affected by sunlight, temperature, air, dust, etc.), and their working distance is even longer. As the price of Doppler radar sensor drops, the infrared sensors have been gradually replaced in public areas such as airports, hotels, offices, warehouses, corridors, parking lots and so on.

Waython has developed Doppler radar sensors working in the ISM free band (24-24.25 GHz). These products have higher detection accuracy and smaller size, compared with traditional C band (5.8 GHz) and X band (10.525/10.687 GHz) products. They can be widely used in building access control, vehicle speed-monitoring, smart lighting, and pedestrian control gates.

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