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High speed mixed-signal ICs

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With the explosive growth of the communication capacity, the bandwidth of mobile communication and satellite communication is getting wider and wider. This makes the required performance (frequency, power, efficiency and noise) of the radio frequency and mm-wave circuits of the communication system become more and more challenge. The global market for wireless terminals have surged, and the total amount of data transmitted by wireless intelligent terminals has risen exponentially. Therefore, the optical communication system and the data center market demands high performance high-speed mixed-signal chips.

Waython owns core technology in RF/AMS CMOS high speed mixed-signal circuit design. We work closely with our custom, providing customized RF and high-speed mixed-signal ICs. Our chip products include RF Switch, GPS low noise amplifier, satellite receiver LNA and LNB etc, which can be applied to optical communication, wireless communication, satellite TV, satellite navigation, high-speed data wireless transmission and so on.
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