How is LNB of network TV?

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LNB: it is a device used by TV to receive high frequency signals and demodulate video information, and it is also the first part of public channel. At present, the high frequency head used in television is generally divided into digital signal high frequency head (referred to as digital high frequency head) and analog signal high frequency head (referred to as analog high frequency head) Simply speaking, it receives the tuning of TV signal, high frequency signal amplifier and satellite TV decoder.

1. LNB principle of color TV:

The color TV high frequency head receives the high frequency signal from the wired network, decodes the channel through the QAM demodulator, and separates the transmission stream (TS) including audio, video and other data information from the carrier. Demultiplexer is used to distinguish different programs, extract corresponding audio, video and data streams, and send them to MPEG-2 decoder and corresponding analysis software to complete the restoration of digital information. For pay TV, conditional access module can descramble the audio and video stream, and use smart card with the function of identifying users and accounting to ensure the normal viewing of legitimate users.

2. LNB function of color TV:

Receive analog TV high frequency signal, and carry out channel selection, high frequency signal amplification and frequency conversion processing.
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