Using CIC compound LNB to increase multi output signal

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When some large and medium-sized hotels install single star multi machine satellite TV to receive LNB equipment, it is found that because there are many rooms in large and medium-sized hotels, more multi-channel output signals with stable quality need to be watched. The specific methods are as follows:

Using a 1.5m or 1.8m forward feed antenna and a dual local dual polarization four output C-band high frequency head, together with a satellite four power divider and six power divider, it can receive 16 channels and 24 channels satellite TV output signals well. If we want to receive more satellite TV signal output, we need to increase the antenna, which increases the cost. If the number of channels of satellite auxiliary splitter is increased and eight power divider or sixteen power divider is used, the signal will be sharply attenuated again, so that all the strong and weak signals on a satellite can not be well received.

If welding or twisting is adopted, twisting the cable of valve shaft will destroy the coaxiality and continuity of characteristic impedance of feeders, resulting in serious signal attenuation, which has always been opposed. In order to stably receive and output more signals with LNB forward feed antenna, some data are consulted. Two PC px-1240170k dual local oscillator dual polarization four output C-band high frequency heads are combined into a CIC eight output high frequency head.

The specific manufacturing method is as follows: cut two C-band high frequency heads with four output dual local oscillator along 30 ° scale line and 340 line of adjusting focal length scale respectively, one keeps the upper half, the other keeps the lower half, and glue them together with high quality glue, provided that the signal attenuation caused by the out of round caused by feed cutting is eliminated.

Compared with the modified C / C composite LNB and the pppx-1240170k dual local oscillator dual polarization four output head, the effect of the modified C, C eight output head is the same as that of the unmodified four output head in the receiving signal side. I used the 2.4m positive feed antenna with the satellite four power, six power and eight power dividers to receive the satellite signals of Asia 5, Asia 3S and China Satellite 6B respectively The main line is 75-9 coaxial line, strong and weak signals can be well received. One antenna can receive up to 64 output signals.

It can be seen that the cost is saved and the output signal is doubled. Why not? If a hotel has 256 rooms, you can use four antennas and four C / C composite heads. 512 rooms can use octahedral antennas and eight C / C composite heads.

It is suggested to LNB manufacturer that the signal terminal of the high frequency head can be installed on the left or right side of the protruding part, which will be more convenient when connecting feeders. At present, the terminals on both sides of the C / C composite head are too close, which is the only disadvantage of the eight output C / C composite high frequency head after reform.

The modified eight output CJC composite head LNB is used in combination with four power divider, six power divider and eight power divider of satellite and 1.5m-2.4m antenna to achieve better economic benefits and greatly reduce the cost.
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