How to protect LNB effectively?

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What is LNB? It is the high frequency head that we often say in our mouth, and the English full name is lownoiseblockkownconverter, which is used for network TV and satellite TV to prevent unstable signal transmission, to concentrate the stable transmission of a certain signal, and to remove some noisy signals, while people often install the high frequency head outside without taking protective measures, so it is very easy to let rain and sand in rainy season Sub access leads to the failure of the high frequency head, so how to effectively protect the high frequency head?

There are three protection measures for high frequency:

(1) waterproof: there are two common methods: one is to wrap it in a plastic bag; the other is to choose a 1.2L sprite plastic bottle to cut half and cover the high frequency head directly, which is very effective.

(2) anti dew: F head seal mud is usually shipped with the high frequency head. If not, glass can be used instead. Remove the plastic cover of the high frequency head wave guide, select a 2 cm thick packing box foam, and cut a circle slightly larger than the guide port to plug into the guide port.

(3) local frequency offset: the LNB local frequency offset fault is rare. The receiver has a good down frequency correction function. When the LNB local frequency is offset, the input down frequency and the local frequency comparison value have errors, or the local frequency is not offset, and the input down frequency is not accurate, the machine will automatically modify the data, and adjust to the best value within a certain range, of course, within the fault tolerance range of the machine It can work normally. If the offset is too large, it is usually solved by modifying the input of multiple and multiple sets of down frequency. Experienced can also open the cover of the frequency head to find the local vibration part of the aluminum cover for adjustment

Tips: LNB's basic protective measures are mentioned here. If you don't understand, you can call our customer service.
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